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History Services

Our publications include book-length histories, oral histories, case studies, proprietary reports, video documentaries, and history-based websites for private corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. For example, our services to the medical community include both book-length histories and video documentaries for several departments of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation; The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing; the Association of American Medical Colleges, and St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. Two of our publications for NASA have won awards from the AIAA. The full text of the books commissioned by NASA can be found at the URLs listed below.

Virginia P. Dawson and Mark D. Bowles, Realizing the Dream of Flight: Biographical Essays in Honor of the Centennial of Flight, 1903-2003. NASA SP-2005-4112, 2005. www.history.nasa.gov/sp4112.pdf

Virginia P. Dawson and Mark Bowles, Taming Liquid Hydrogen: The Centaur Upper Stage Rocket, 1958-2002. SP-2004-4230, 2004. This book won the 2004 best manuscript prize from American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). www.history.nasa.gov/SP-4230.pdf

Virginia P. Dawson, Ideas into Hardware: A History of the Rocket Engine Test Facility at the NASA Glenn Research Center. Cleveland, Ohio: NASA, 2004. www.history.nasa.gov/retfpub.pdf

Virginia P. Dawson, Engines and Innovation: Lewis Laboratory and American Propulsion Technology. NASA SP 4306, 1991. www.history.nasa.gov/SP-4306/sp4306.htm

Frances Payne Bolton website: www.thirteen.org/fpb/